Raymo D Art Bio


I am a Kansas City MO native.  I am a Center High School and Tennessee State University/Nashville alumnus.  I spent 20 years in the bar and restaurant business in KC, St Louis, Denver, Los Angeles and Hollywood.  I have worked on a couple of movies doing special effects and I have some live stage experience.    

During all of my time in these fields I always dabbled in art, whether it be scribbles on scrap paper, or putting thoughts to canvas.  After encouragement and support from my lovely wife I have become more serious about my scribbling’s and have decided to share it with anyone who wants to see it.  I love doing it! Some of it makes no sense, but some does, I guess that’s why it’s called abstract expressionistic art.  My favorite vehicle for my art is wood. I use white wood and acrylic paints, and also like to add texturing and depth to my work.

I do custom abstract art work on request. I am always open to comments, positive, negative and/or suggestions, so please do not hesitate to share your thoughts and opinions.

Raymo D.    (aka. Ray Davidson)     WWW.RAYMODART.COM

phone: 816-645-8215   Email: raymoim49@yahoo.com